About MHA & Our Mission

Welcome to Mental Health America of Greater Houston!

Good mental health is a vital cornerstone to a healthy community. For more than 50 years, MHA Houston has worked to ensure that our community makes mental health a priority. We have actively sought to replace misperceptions and misunderstanding about mental illness with compassion and proper treatment.

A Houston philanthropist, Miss Ima Hogg founded Mental Health America of Greater Houston (formerly the Mental Health Association of Greater Houston) in 1954. Each year, we honor her memory with a special award presented in her name. The men and women who receive this honor have contributed to a variety of mental health causes and represent the values and principles that Miss Hogg held dear.

Our Mission 

To enhance the mental health of all Houstonians and improve the lives of those with mental illness.  We accomplish this through collaborative education, outreach and advocacy.MHA

Houston educates and advocates to:

  • Encourage people to seek mental health treatment when it is needed; and
  • Ensure that needed services are available to all, regardless of ability to pay.

Our Programs:

  • Link people to mental health services in the community through a dedicated information and referral line available by phone or e-mail to the public, helping more than 5,000 people each year to maneuver through what can be a confusing system to get the help they need.
  • Provide education and training for key sectors of the community, including clergy, law enforcement officials and health care professionals, helping those who help others meet the mental health needs of the community.
  • Remove barriers to mental health care by facilitating change in systems, including the criminal justice arena, employer-sponsored health insurance and juvenile probation. By creating this kind of large-scale change, better solutions are created to meet mental health needs.
  • Advocate for legislative solutions that address the vast unmet need for public mental health service, including increased funding and better public policy.

We couldn’t do this alone! Our partners include:

  • Mental health professionals in the community;
  • Dedicated board members and volunteers;
  • Community stakeholders with expertise in different public systems; and
  • Members of MHA Houston who support our education and advocacy.

MHA Houston does not offer treatment or other direct services, but we actively connect with the community. On this site there are opportunities to:


  • Connect online with our Information & Referral experts to find information or mental health resources;
  • Request presentations and trainings for your professional group or organization;
  • Become an advocate;
  • Mental health professionals can become part of a new pro bono mental health network; and
  • Become a member of Mental Health America of Greater Houston.