Access to comprehensive, quality health care services—including mental health— is important for the achievement of total health and wellness. 

Since 1989, through the generous contribution of supporters and donors, Mental Health America of Greater Houston and its partners have distributed more than 1.5 million copies of, “The Guide,” in print, digitally and through social media as a community service to patients, clients, individuals and families including those who had no insurance and/or were under-insured.  
As one of greater Houston’s most requested, "go-to," mental health resources, “The Guide,” is typically shared in sites and settings including hospitals, clinics, schools, colleges/universities, faith communities and call centers.  They are often shared during counseling sessions and support groups and at events such as health fairs, parenting groups, meetings, workshops, conferences, workforce and professional trainings. 

In an effort to increase the availability of, “The Guide,” in the community, Mental Health America of Greater Houston would like to invite you and/or your organization to join THE GUIDE DISTRIBUTION PARTNERSHIP.

There Is No Cost To Participate.


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